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Automatic Plant Garden Watering System + Automatic Refilling Dog Water Bowl with WiFi Alerts

This article demonstrates how to setup an automatic plant watering system with an automatically refilling dog water bowl – all with WiFi alerts using Adosia’s Self Watering Automatic Garden System Subassembly Kit. The system will water your garden or plants based on soil moisture using a ruggedized waterproof capacitive analog soil moisture sensor, and will refill the dog water bowls using solenoid water valves when a water level sensor switch detects low water in the bowl:

Automatic Plant Watering System

The automatic plant garden watering systems will water our garden on a target moisture level. This will ensure the garden is not overwatered due to unexpected conditions or excessive rain. This automatic garden will use the Adosia IoT platform to configure and control our garden setup. Using Adosia, we will configure one of the Adosia IoT device’s diode-protected switch channels to trigger on soil moisture – while connecting a solenoid water valve to be triggered with this switch channel. The Adosia IoT device that ships with Adosia’s Self Watering Automatic Garden System Subassembly Kit includes terminal screw connectors for extending long utility wire runs for digital input wirings.

Automatic Refilling Dog Water Bowl

We can add an automatic refilling dog water bowl to this setup by wiring up a second solenoid water valve to the second diode-protected motor / switch channel of the Adosia IoT device. We will also need to wire up a water level sensor switch which will be used to trigger the valve to open whenever the water in the dog bowl gets low enough. The systems can be easily setup to send alerts whenever the dog water bowl is refilled.

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