Self Watering Automatic Garden System Subassembly Kit

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The Self Watering Automatic Garden System Subassembly works with the Adosia IoT Platform to automatically water your garden and plants on a custom soil moisture setting.  The system lets you remotely monitor your garden status and easily setup custom notification alerts.



This automated Self Watering Automatic Garden System kit makes life easier by automatically watering your garden when needed. Working with the Adosia IoT Platform, this kit uses water valves and either a home water source or water reservoir to enable complete customization, monitoring and control over your custom garden control system.

This self watering automatic garden system monitors and waters on target soil moisture.  This kit also includes an ambient temperature sensor to monitor temperature remotely and to setup temperature-triggered alerts and notifications.  Additional custom notification alerts can be setup for when the soil moisture reaches a critical point or when the garden is watered.

Self Watering Automatic Garden System Subassembly Kit includes:

  • 1×  Adosia IoT device with screw terminal connectors
  • 12V normally closed (NC) solenoid water valves w/ connector wires
  •   analog soil moisture sensor with connector wire
  •  1/2″ female PVC coupler
  •   roll 1/2″ x 520″ white PVTE thread seal tape
  •   ambient digital temperature sensor with board mount
  • 1×  DC power supply (12V/1A)

Optional Expansion:

  • water level sensor switches (x2)
  • relay module
  • motion detector
  • custom digital IO


Setting up an Automatic Garden

The Adosia IoT Platform



Additional information

Weight 20 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in
moisture sensor length

10 ft (shielded), 20 ft (shielded), 30 ft (shielded)

3 reviews for Self Watering Automatic Garden System Subassembly Kit

  1. pierre wes

    This kit was exactly what I needed and was in my price range.

  2. melvinsmiley

    it works and the WiFi control for this is pretty awesome

  3. sander

    we’re happy

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