DIY Projects for the Adosia IoT Platform

Below are some really cool Adosia DIY projects you can build using the Adosia IoT Platform along with Adosia’s easy to use IoT building blocks. Adosia enables anyone to create and deploy custom WiFi control systems literally within minutes.

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DIY Self Watering Pot with WiFi – Water Plants Automatically

Learn how to build a wide variety of custom Self Watering Pots that water plants automatically on customizable soil moisture level and with WiFi alerts – all using easy-to-use Adosia IoT building blocks.

Motion Activated Stove Lights & Nightlights with WiFi – Night Schedule Only

Learn how to easily create custom motion activated lighting using Adosia IoT building blocks. Projects applications include overhead stove light, nightlights, room and furniture lighting.

Automatic Plant Garden Watering System + Automatic Refilling Dog Water Bowl with WiFi Alerts

Learn how to use a waterproof analog soil moisture sensor to automate opening a water valve to water your plants when they need water. We also use a water level sensor switch to open a second water valve to refill our dog bowls when they need water.

Learn how to build custom personal hydroponic systems and herb gardens using Adosia IoT building blocks.

Learn how to build custom WiFi connecter reservoirs to automatically water your plants using Adosia.

Here we hatch some blue tail skink lizard eggs with a custom terrarium. We use Adosia to monitor soil temperature, soil moisture level and motion inside the terrarium so we can receive an alert when the eggs hatch!

DIY Subassemblies / IoT Building Blocks