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Motion Activated Stove Light & Nightlights with WiFi – Night Schedule Only

DIY Motion Activated Stove Light with WiFi

Follow these simple steps in the video above to make a DIY motion activated WiFi Stove Light. Here we setup the light so it can only be activated at night using the Adosia IoT platform. You can use this same tutorial to also build a WiFi night light.

Materials Needed to Make a DIY Motion Activated Stove Light:

Part 1:  Prepare the LED Channel

To prepare the LED channel you will first need to remove the plastic channel cover from the aluminum channel.

Now you can take a hacksaw or file to create a small notch on one edge located directly the center of the aluminum LED channel. This notch is where the LED strip wires will come through.

Next remove the strip of paper protection from the backs of both LED strips.

After that position the LED strips along the inside of the aluminum LED channel so the wires of both LED strip meet in the center of the strip as shown in the video.

Next simply place a screw at each end of the aluminum LED channel, and replace the plastic channel cover over the aluminum LED channel

Finally turn the aluminum LED channel over and place a magnet on the back of each opposing side along the inside of the aluminum channel. We use screws because they are magnetic and will allow the magnets to hold the weight of the aluminum (which is not magnetic) by attracting the screws.

Part 2:  Mount the LED Channel and Adosia IoT Board

First press the opposing velcro strips together and remove the plastic from one of the strips.

Next attach the velcro strips to the back of your Adosia IoT Device. Remove the plastic from the other velcro strip. Now mount the Adosia IoT Device as desired by pressing if firmly against the wall with the sticky velcro strip exposed and in direct contact with the wall.

Now snap the LED strip channel to the bottom of the microwave located right over the stove.

Finally connect the LED strip to the Adosia IoT board (and motion detector if not already), power up your device, and then program it via the Adosia IoT Platform.

DIY Motion Activated Stove Light
DIY Motion Activated Stove Light

DIY Motion Activated Nightlight

Alternatively, we can use a similar setup to create a DIY motion activated nightlight. All we need is an Adosia WiF controller, an LED light strip and something to house our light. In this example, we choose a hollow plastic pumpkin.

Materials Needed to Make a DIY Motion Activated Nightlight:

All you need to do is cut a few holes out in your container for the lighting to exit, cut a hole for the power cord to come inside the container, place the device inside the container, power it up and program it at

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