Adosia lets anyone create and deploy unique customized WiFi control systems in a matter of minutes.

Welcome to the Adosia family.  We collaborate together to improve and expand our IoT building blocks into endless applications.  We want to help Adosia users build with imagination as the limit, and are working to provide tools to help our customers get the most out of their Adosia hardware and to also monetize their creations if desired.

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We are working hard to deliver new tools and solutions to our customers and partners, and we very much value the amazing friends and close collaborations we share throughout the Adosia community.

Originating as an ad tech initiative, Adosia is now pursuing a variety of strategic technology initiatives in parallel.  We’ve backed our ad serving architecture into the Adosia IoT Platform to achieve extreme performance for our IoT initiatives.  We are also currently pursing initiatives in the blockchain distributed ledger space, including WiFi-connected consumer and industrial IoT hardware, SaaS and IP Data product marketplaces and ecosystems. The Adosia (ADO) token is a planned cryptocurrency feature that will enable Adosia users to sell or license their IoT profile creations to other Adosia users within a peer-to-peer marketplace.

We thank all of our customers for your business and look forward to growing with you! 

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