Self-Watering Pot Subassembly Kit


Use the Adosia Self-Watering Pot Subassembly Kit to create custom WiFi-enabled self watering pots and planter boxes that notify you when water is low.


Bring your own self watering pot and planter creations to life using household containers and/or a common 5 gallon bucket.

The self watering pot subassembly works with the Adosia IoT platform to automatically water your plants when the soil moisture drops below a specific level, and can also be setup to send an alert whenever the water reservoir need to be refilled.

Self-Watering Pot Subassembly Kit includes:

  • 1×  Adosia IoT device
  • 1×  12V water pump / level switch assembly (detect empty water / protects pump)
  •   ruggedized analog soil moisture sensor
  • 1×  DC power supply (12V/1A)

Check out our videos on creating self watering pots and planters using the Adosia IoT Platform.

Additional information

Weight 13 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in


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