Self Watering Pot WiFi Subassembly Kit – Water Plants Automatically

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The Self Watering Pot WiFi Subassembly Kit lets you create custom WiFi-enabled self watering pots and planter boxes to automatically water your plants by monitoring soil moisture.

This self watering pot subassembly can be customized using the Adosia IoT Platform and also be setup to send custom alert notifications – such as when water is low, when your plant has been watered, or when the moisture level decreases to a critical threshold.

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Self-Watering Pot Subassembly Kit includes:

  • 1×  Adosia base IoT WiFi control device
  • 1×  12V water pump w/ water level switch assembly (detect empty water / protects pump)
  •   ruggedized analog soil moisture sensor (12″ cable length)
  • 1×  1/4” inner diameter (3/8” outer diameter) tubing
  • 1×  1/4” outer diameter drip line tubing + tee connector
  • 1×  DC power supply (12V/1A)

*soil container pot and water reservoir NOT included. We recommend using a garden pot for the soil container and a trash can or 5 gallon bucket for the water reservoir


Check out our videos on creating self watering pots and planters using the Adosia IoT Platform.

Build a Self Watering Pot with WiFi Alerts



The Self Watering WiFi Pot is a simple project for adults and a fun STEM kit activity to do with kids.

Six Year Old Builds Self-Watering Pot – STEM Kit for Kids


Devices Report Historical Data for Remote Viewing


Intro to The Adosia IoT Platform


Additional information

Weight 13 oz
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 2.5 in

4 reviews for Self Watering Pot WiFi Subassembly Kit – Water Plants Automatically

  1. Nick L

    This was a great kit and so easy to put together once you have an idea of what you want to make.

  2. lyle E

    I bought this kit to make my mom a planter for mother’s day. It was a good first try and my next one will be better, but she loves it.

  3. kyle

    I built one for mom and put it under my account so I could monitor and control it. A couple months running now and so far so good.

    Her friends ask about it and now she says she wants her own account so she can manage it herself.

  4. brad

    we used a trash can for our water reservoir and a regular soil pot for the soil container

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