IoT STEM Kit for Kids and Adults – Instructor IoT STEM Kit


The IoT STEM Kit for Kids and Adults helps educators engage, nourish and foster student STEM growth. Adosia STEM kits provide adults and kids alike a simple path to learn about, create and deploy custom IoT control systems.

This IoT STEM Kit for kids and adults includes a wide variety of sensors and is an excellent choice for use with medium to large groups of STEM students and for advanced home learning and individual builders.

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All Adosia IoT STEM Kits leverage the Adosia IoT Platform and include easy-to-use IoT building blocks. These IoT building blocks provide STEM students a genuine experience of building out real world applications and, most importantly, the exhilarating confidence of achieving truly functional IoT control systems all right from within the classroom.

The Adosia IoT Platform is a suite of Internet of Things (IoT) building blocks that lets beginners to experts easily create, deploy and remotely monitor custom WiFi control systems within minutes, without the hassle of learning how to code.

The Instructor IoT STEM Kit is suitable for 2-10 students:

This IoT STEM Kit for Kids and Adults is meant to be an instructor pack, and includes a wide variety of sensors. This instructor pack is an excellent choice for use with medium to larger sized groups of STEM students and for advanced learning or experimentation. Ideally each STEM student should work in pairs, or more preferably have the ability to customize one or more of their own IoT devices.

Instructor STEM Kit for Kids and Adults Includes:

  • 20× – Adosia IoT WiFi control devices
  • 8× – PIR motion detector w/ mount kit
  • 8× – ambient temp sensor w/ mount kit
  • 8× – water level sensor switch (horizontal)
  • 8× – dual relay module w/ mount kit
  • 8× – digital buzzer alarm w/ mount kit
  • 8× – push-button switch w/ mount kit
  • 8× – digital tilt sensor w/ mount kit
  • 8× – 12V DC mini solenoid deadbolt lock
  • 8× – 12V DC submersible water pump
  •  – ruggedized analog moisture sensor
  •  – analog light sensor w/ mount kit
  • 20× – DC power supply (12V/1A)
  • 1× – FREE Adosia IoT PRO Subscription Upgrade


The Adosia IoT Platform – STEM Kits for Kids and Adults

Some things you might build with Adosia:

  • self-watering pot or planter
  • hidden cabinet / safe locking system with access alarm
  • tamper detector for jewelry box
  • motion-activated sentry alarm
  • custom lighting or appliance control
  • motion-activated overhead stove light or night light
  • automatic garden or hydroponic system
  • automatic dog water bowl refill with message alert on refill
  • portable / temporary remote plant monitoring and automated watering system
  • remote rain detector with rain notification alert
  • custom plant feeder system that waters on low soil moisture
  • animal feeders with custom feeding schedules
  • aquarium setups with filter pumps, air stones, custom lighting and temperature alerts
  • smoke detector with trigger alarm and alert message notification

With the Adosia you can also:

  • deploy and remotely manage custom WiFi IoT control systems in minutes
  • setup custom triggers to activate individual components or multiple components simultaneously
  • setup custom device alerts and notifications
  • customize motor/switch channels and digital io channels to activate components on custom cycles, by trigger, set to be always on, activate by daily schedule, or activate on daily frequency
  • configure digital and analog sensors, inputs and motion detectors to trigger digital outputs (switches, relays, etc).
  • trigger components and initiate alerts using analog sensors, motion detectors, temperature sensors, water level sensor switches, digital inputs and much more
  • use water level sensor switches to protect components from damage and / or refill reservoirs
  • use analog sensors to trigger outputs to meet target levels (as in watering to meet a target moisture level)
  • send temperature triggered alerts, or control items at a specific temperature
  • assign device profiles to multiple devices for operational scaling
  • schedule device profiles to automatically change throughout the day for optimal flexibility

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Dimensions 12 × 6 × 6 in


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