Automatic Plant Feeder Reservoir Subassembly Kit

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The Automatic Plant Feeder Reservoir Subassembly Kit lets you create, automate and remotely monitor your own custom plant watering reservoir setups in minutes.  Water plants on custom soil moisture levels, by automated schedules, on hydroponic cycles, on-demand, or by daily frequency.

This automatic plant feeder reservoir subassembly can also be setup to send custom alert notifications – such as when water is low, when the reservoir has watered, when the moisture level decreases to a critical threshold, and more.



Automatic Plant Feeder Reservoir Subassembly Kit includes:

  • 1×  Adosia IoT device
  • 1×  12V submersible water pump / level switch assembly (detect empty water / protect pumps)
  • 1×  extra 12V submersible water pump for dual pump operation
  •   horizontal water level switch (detect low water level)
  •   pump intake screen filter w/ plastic zip tie
  • 1×  DC power supply (12V/1A)

Optional Expansion Add-Ons:

  • ruggedized analog soil moisture sensor (water on moisture level)
  • analog ambient light sensor
  • push-button switches for manual / on-demand watering
  • ambient temperature sensor
  • motion detector
  • buzzer alarm
  • dual relay module
  • *humidity sensor support coming soon

How to Order:

  • choose analog sensor option (no sensor, light, or moisture sensor)
  • choose add-on sensors

Optional Sensor Features:

Soil Moisture Sensor – monitor soil or grow medium moisture levels, setup custom alarms, and set pumps to trigger watering to begin on specific moisture level thresholds and to end on when target moisture levels are achieved.  Moisture sensor is waterproof and ruggedized for long life operation. Shielded moisture sensors significantly reduce external interference noise for more accurate moisture readings (strongly recommended for longer sensor runs).

Light Sensor – monitor ambient light levels and setup custom triggers or alarms based on detected level of ambient lighting.

Button Switches – manually trigger components such as pumps into action – pumps or outputs can be grouped together or triggered individually to separate custom watering cycles.

Temperature Sensor – monitor ambient temperature and manually trigger components or alarms based on customizable temperature thresholds.

Motion Detector – monitor motion to create silent alarms or customized motion-activated triggers

Buzzer Alarm – audible alarm buzzer to be which can be triggered by sensors or custom scheduling

Dual Relay Module – control up to two additional external devices such as fans or grow lighting – each channel supports switching 15A @ 120VAC (or 10A at 240VAC)

*reservoir / 5 gallon bucket NOT included – requires DIY building setup (see video below)*


Check out this video on how to setup an automatic plant feeder reservoir with the Adosia IoT Platform.

Using the Automatic Feeder Reservoir to Water 6 Plants with Moisture Sensor:


DIY Video:  Building your Automatic Feeder WiFi Reservoir


Intro to the Adosia IoT Platform


Dashboard View for All Connected Devices:



Historical Data for each connected WiFi Device:


Additional information

Weight 14 oz
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 2.5 in
analog sensor

no analog sensor, ambient light sensor, moisture sensor – 12 inches (unshielded), moisture sensor – 5 feet (unshielded), moisture sensor – 10 feet (unshielded), moisture sensor – 10 feet (shielded), moisture sensor – 20 feet (shielded), moisture sensor – 30 feet (shielded)

expansion sensors

none, button switch, temperature sensor, motion detector, buzzer alarm, dual relay module, dual button switches, button switch + temperature sensor, button switch + motion detector, button switch + buzzer alarm, temperature sensor + motion detector, temperature sensor + buzzer alarm, motion detector + buzzer alarm

4 reviews for Automatic Plant Feeder Reservoir Subassembly Kit

  1. Zack D.

    So easy to put together. Love not having to worry about watering my plants and getting alerts when water is out.

  2. T. Fitzgerald

    Excellent kit for first time gardeners.

  3. Jess O.

    We bought this automatic reservoir kit two months ago and it has helped maintaining our small garden so much easier.

  4. bachaus p

    These adosia controllers are cool. I have 3 set up – 2 in each main reservoir that trigger separate pumps using the 3rd controller in my 35 gallon reservoir to refill the 5 gallon reservoirs when their water is empty

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