Adosia IoT Base WiFi Control Module with Natural Gas Sensor + Alarm


This Adosia IoT WiFi Control Module comes ready for connection to the Adosia IoT platform.  Module ships with an analog natural gas sensor, a buzzer alarm sensor and a 12V/1A DC power supply.

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The Adosia IoT Platform

Adosia IoT Module Features:

  • diode-protected 12V DC transistor switch channels (x2) to safely drive:
    • water pumps
    • air pumps
    • motors
    • water valves
    • electronic deadbolts / locks
    • LED strip lighting
    • *any properly rated 12V DC component
  • inputs to drive any combination of water level switch or temperature sensor (x2):
    • monitor temperature with triggers and/or alerts at custom temps
    • monitor water level status with triggers and protect functions
  • digital IO pin 1 tied to motion detector:
    • monitor motion and initiative component triggers or alerts
    • support for single-detect and multi-detect applications
  • digital IO pin 2 tied to dual 5V relays for switching AC devices in parallel:
    • 15A @ 120VAC each channel
    • 10A @ 240VAC each channel
  • analog port to support soil moisture sensor (x1)
    • monitor soil moisture
    • trigger actions on specific soil moisture levels
    • trigger alerts on specific soil moisture level triggering
  • supplemental breakout voltage supply headers providing:
    • GND (2x)
    • 3.3v (2x)
    • 5v (2x)
    • 12V (2x)


Adosia IoT Platform Features:

  • dream, build and deploy completely functional IoT systems within minutes
  • 100% remote device setup, monitoring and control
  • cycle, trigger, schedule, or set daily frequency for device operation
  • monitor soil moisture, water level status, and device temperature
    • trigger component or component group action based on user-defined settings
    • trigger alerts based on a variety of custom events
  • integrate motion-detect for monitoring, component triggers and/or alerts


  • CO2 detector
  • smoke detector alarm with remote alert
  • gardening / hydroponics / aquaponics
  • personal cultivation feeder control systems
  • refill water reservoir on detecting low water
  • temperature sensor or gas sensor triggered fan control
  • lighting / appliance power control
  • wide array of WiFi / IoT / relay applications

* transistor/diode switch channels can drive up to 450mA at supply voltage Vin




Additional information

Weight 4.5 oz
Dimensions 3 × 2.5 × 2 in
Arduino Compatible or ESP8266 WiFi

Arduino Uno (x4 Analog), ESP8266 (x1 Analog w/ WiFi)

Preload Software

none (hardware only), automatic garden, hydroponic garden, ultimate feeder


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