ADO Token Bundle – Use ADO Tokens to Enable Enhanced Adosia IoT Platform Features & Upgrades


Adosia Tokens (ADO) are the native currency used to purchase enhanced account features, upgrades, and device usage with the Adosia IoT Platform

*ADO Token purchases will be credited to the Adosia Account corresponding to the Adosia Account Email provided within 24 hours of placing your order



Use ADO Tokens to enable:

  • faster device check-ins for individual Adosia devices (ongoing metered cost per check-in)
  • temporary faster device check-ins for rapid sensor calibration
  • adding dynamic profile scheduling to an Adosia account
  • increase an Adosia IoT account’s connected IoT device limit
  • *device operating profile bundles purchases from Adosia and 3rd-party Adosia users (coming soon)

Get Faster IoT Device Check-Ins:

ADO Tokens can be used to enable individual Adosia IoT devices with on-demand faster IoT check-in intervals as an alternative to paying a monthly subscription rate to enable faster check-in intervals for all Adosia account IoT devices

ADO Token rates to upgrade a device’s check-in intervals are:

  • 30 minute intervals @ 0.233 ADO per check-in (~336 ADO per month)
  • 10 minute intervals @ 0.124 ADO per check-in (~536 ADO per month)
  • 5 minute intervals @ 0.087 ADO per check-in (~752 ADO per month)
  • 5 minute intervals for 4 hours (100 ADO; temporary upgrade)

Add Dynamic Profile Scheduling to Adosia Account:

Dynamic Profile Scheduling allows you to schedule a device to active multiple device profiles at different times during the day. This feature is extremely useful to limit or alter device functionality at different time throughout the day

Dynamic Profile Scheduling Examples:

  • schedule a function to activate at multiple specific times such as watering 3x per day
  • limit a device function to specific hours – prevent watering at night
  • limit a device function to specific hours – activate motion detect alarms during certain hours

One-Time Cost to Enable:  500 ADO

Increase Adosia IoT Account Device Limit:

Adosia limits the number of IoT devices that can be connect to account based on subscription level. ADO Tokens can be used to increase the device limit on any subscription level

Cost to Add 1 Device:  300-700 ADO (cost based on subscription level)

Purchase Device Operating Profile Bundles

As numerous IoT applications can be implemented using Adosia devices, it can often be easier to purchase pre-configured and application-specific device operating profiles and profile bundles from Adosia and other Adosia users. Adosia is working to enable a peer-to-peer marketplace for such transactions, and these features will be enhanced in the coming weeks and months.


*at this time ADO Tokens may not be withdrawn or used for any purpose outside the Adosia IoT Platform

Additional information

Token Bundle

500 ADO Tokens, 1000 ADO Tokens, 2,500 ADO Tokens, 5,000 ADO Tokens, 10,000 ADO Tokens, 25,000 ADO Tokens


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